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Fright Nights Walibi Holland

On october 5th Walibi Holland opened its Halloween season once again! We were invited to to take a look at their brand new Halloween event ‘Spooky Days’ aimed at a younger audience compared to the immensely popular ‘Halloween Fright Nights.’ Is a normal Halloween… READ MORE
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Linnänmaki: the beast named Taiga

Linnänmaki is the city theme park of Helsinki. The park opened in 1950 and has approximately 1 million visitors per year. It is very easy to reach when you are in downtown Helsinki, it is just a short ride with the tram or bus. Built on a hill the park provides a nice view of the city and the surroundings, and  READ MORE
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Walibi opening of UNTAMED

Today is the day where we all be waiting for! Today is the opening of the the first hybrid coaster and the second RMC of Europe. It is the opening of: UNTAMED! It is the first of july when we are driving to Walibi Holland exciting to the max for this brand new rollercoaster. READ MORE

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Stacks Image 171 We are a group of Dutch themeparks addicts who travel the whole world to seek, find, and ride the best rollercoasters and visit the most amazing themeparks. From Asia, to America and from Australia to Europe: We got you covered! As a team we make sure that you will learn new facts and be amazed about of all the beautiful parks which are created in the world. Sit back, relax and enjoy our website!


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